PRESS RELEASE: Senator Nina Turner Teams Up With The Sanders Institute To Address Voting Rights and Reforms

Senator Nina Turner teamed up with The Sanders Institute to create a series of short, educational videos addressing Voting Rights and Reforms. The series, entitled ‘Why Don’t Americans Vote?’ tackles complex issues within the American voting system that affect our low voter turnout such as:  

  • Felon Disenfranchisement

  • Varying Voter ID Laws

  • Varying Voter Registration Laws

  • Tuesday Voting

  • Unaffiliated Primary Voters

Election law in America is complicated and convoluted. There are many ways that Americans are disenfranchised and many others that place unnecessary burdens on potential voters. American politicians call the United States the “greatest democracy in the world,” yet our democratic participation, bound by unnecessary restrictions and burdens, demonstrates that that is not always the case. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and the legacy of the United States of America to move our country forward. We need laws that encourage and reflect our democratic identity.


To view the full series and read the accompanying reports, click here.




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